The Arbot

What Is Learnt?

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Text-based Coding

Students learn text-based coding. There is pre-written base code to make the process easier. The base code can be downloaded 'here'

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To understand the basics of electronics, students get the wire their own robot. They get to learn about negative and positive terminals, switches, and circuit basics.

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A small amount of soldering introduces the students to higher electronics. Tinning, wire stripping, and soldering are all apart of this.

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Problem Solving

There are many times when your code doesn't go to plan. Students have to find a way to change their code to complete the tasks

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Basic Construction

The hands on construction of the chassis is great for learning. Students glue the chassis together with PVA glue. 

The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3
The Arbot v6.3

Hayne Robotics

The Arbot v6.3

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At Hayne Robotics, we have produced a DIY Arduino based robot for stage 4/5. The educational robotics kit aims to be the most affordable kit, allowing each student to take home their own robot. We have open source instructions and base-code. If there are any improvements, please let us know;

Due to microchip shortages, and the consequent increase in parts, we have temporarily increased the price from $510 to $590 in order to continue selling the arbot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark Bayada
Fantastic little project - The Arbot 6.3

Love this project and it is all packaged so well with everything you need. The Robot is a great resource that includes the chassis, electronics and if you visit the web site you have a workbook and some written code to get you started.

Ian Dillon

Still in the box
Haven’t had time to build yet
Not doing it until term 3👍

David Tucker
Great Product

As always we have been very happy with the quality of the Arbot kits; they contain everything we need for our Technology classes in years 8-10.

Frank van Zanten
Arbot Review

An excellent unit of work. All parts are included and there is ample opportunity to extend the more able students. Great value for money.

Jeff Appleby
Exactly what we needed.

We are launching a robotics/coding unit at my schools and we could not be more impressed with the Arbot.
Be able to supply every students with a take-home robot for under $25 is amazing. I think it would be fair to say this robot is a game changer for our students. Congratulation to the Arbot team.

How to Pay Through Invoice (for schools)

To pay through invoice is similar to paying by card. The only difference is the payment method you select at checkout. Instead of choosing paypal or credit card, select "pay by invoice"
An invoice will automatically be sent to the email put in the contact forms. If you are already a verified school, we will ship the products right away. Otherwise we will have to confirm with your school of the order first.

The 7 Challenges

Download Base Code Here

Get the car to drive 2 meters in a straight line. Students change the driving length to get a basic understanding of coding


The arbot compliments the already existing Stage 4/5 curriculum. To be specific, the Arbot adds value to the ‘crack the code‘ unit. The Arbot uses all key principles that are taught in crack the code.

Learning to code Arduinos follows through to University. The Arduino IDE coding platform is based on c++. The coding language c++ goes up all the way to year 4 University. The best way to prepare your students for the future of jobs is to teach them these skills as soon as possible

There are an array of challenges STEM teachers face in making their classes engaging, affordable, and time efficient. When it comes to expensive equipment, the Arbot kit requires only the standard TAS tools, such as soldering irons. Taking between 2 and 3 weeks, the construction of the project is both quick and enjoyable for students. After the build is complete, students work by themselves on the pre-written base code. From the classes we have already run, each and every student was able to complete their project within the term.

The Arbot is specifically designed by teachers for teachers. Long time design and tech teacher, Rob Newell, designed the Arbot chassis and electronic layout. Software design and coding teacher, Phil Legge, developed the base code.

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