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Why choose 'The Arbot S7'?

The Arbot S7 is an ideal choice for teachers seeking to integrate practical, text-based coding into their curriculum, as it is specifically designed to complement educational standards and enhance hands-on learning in the classroom

Made specifically for the curriculum

The Arbot S7 is expertly crafted to fit into educational curriculums, supporting key Stage 4/5 concepts with activities that cover text-based coding and electronics. Designed by educators, it addresses classroom needs effectively, ensuring students develop practical skills vital for their academic and future careers​

Curriculum for stage 4/5 education booklet

Made for 1 robot per students

Assigning one Arbot S7 per student maximises engagement by allowing personal interaction with the robot, fostering individual learning of coding and electronics. This method promotes thorough understanding, critical thinking, and skill application, preparing students for advanced STEM activities.

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Designed specifically for the classroom environment, Hayne Robotics' Arbot S7 facilitates practical learning in coding and electronics, featuring a robust design that requires minimal management.

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The Instructions

Clearly illustrated step-by-step guide with tips and tricks included

Download Here

Instructions for robot educational

The Base-Code challenges

8 pre-written challenges to teach coding fundamentals.

Download Here

Lesson plans and teaching resources

Hayne Robotics is committed to supporting educators by offering comprehensive teacher assistance and training for the Arbot S7. Recognising the importance of ease of use in educational settings, we provide detailed educational workbooks that align closely with the curriculum and syllabus. These resources are designed to help teachers integrate the Arbot S7 into their classrooms smoothly and effectively, ensuring they can maximise the educational benefits while minimising setup and learning time for both themselves and their students. This approach not only enhances the teaching experience but also ensures that students gain the most from their interactions with the Arbot S7.

View sample lessons below:


Priced for the classroom

The Arbot S7 is affordably priced to allow entire classrooms to be equipped, facilitating widespread student access and engagement in hands-on STEM education.

The Arbot Series 7

AUD $59.00


Class 24 pack

AUD $1140.00

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Purchasing as an educator

Purchasing as a school or educator is simple. Select the payment method as 'Invoice for schools' during checkout. We can attach Purchase Order Number to the invoice as well. If you would like for us to send you a quote instead, send us an email at

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Who has been using The Arbot?


Love this project and it is all packaged so well with everything you need. The Robot is a great resource that includes the chassis, electronics and if you visit the web site you have a workbook and some written code to get you started. - Mark Bayada (Whitebridge High School)

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